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Our architectural service is based on the South African Institute of Architects' standard scope of work known as PROCAP. This service spans the duration of the project, through six work stages, from client requirements to the completed built product. A detailed breakdown of services is available on request.

Due to the detailed level of our design input, Architecture Co-op is fully involved in all relevant aspects of the project. Our experience has shown that the successful outcome of a project is wholly dependant on this 'hands-on' approach by the architect, as well as the consultant and contracting team.

We work as part of a team of professionals whose joint input and effort results in a well researched and planned project. The consultant team may include, but is not limted to, land surveyors, environmental consultants, low-energy specialists, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers,quanitity surveyors and project managers.

Our design input is rarely limited to the shell of the building itself. Our hands-on approach means we become involved with interior items such as fireplaces, built-in furniture and kitchen and bathroom detail finishing design and joinery layouts.

Architecture Co-op has increasingly become involved during the research and development stage of work to assist in an initial scoping and understanding of the project. Developing an integrated and sustainable vision for a project - which may need to be used for a range of purposes such as public participation - often requires input from a selected professional team.

Following the definition of a project vision, we assist in the development of a project framework and the building guidelines that should be put in place for the vision to be realised. This may include a guide for construction methods in a sensitive landscape, stipulation of environmentally friendly and sustainable building as well as appropriate aesthetic principals.